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Is different Album sorting per Index possible - z624391 - 26-01-2020 13:21

Album.sortTags influences album sorting on all indexes. Is it possible to differentiate this behavior? I can't find a clue (if it is possible or not) within the Minimserver properties guide.

I like to set "<n> Albums" sorting different than "Album" sorting within Artist.

RE: Is different Album sorting per Index possible - simoncn - 26-01-2020 22:02

It isn't possible to sort albums in a different order in different places.

RE: Is different Album sorting per Index possible - simbun - 29-11-2020 13:48

I've just implemented this myself and thought the essence of it might be useful to others, so I'm attaching it to the most relevant Thread I can find.

By the time I look at a list of albums I've either selected an albumartist or have chosen to look at compilations, so I wanted two different approaches to sorting them.
  • For AlbumArtist albums I want them sorted by date, then by album name so I can see them in the order the artist released them.
  • For compilations I wanted them sorted by name. To take an extreme example, Now That's What I Call Music has releases from 1984 to 2020, so if all my compilations were sorted by date the majority of them would be mixed in amongst these releases.
To achieve this I had to create a new tag called CUSTOMALBUMSORT that contained the value 2999 (or any value higher than all the other dates in your music collection) for compilations (so they wouldn't be sorted by date) and then fill in the blanks with DATE (for non-compilations so they would be sorted by date).

Using the tagUpdate functionality.

@ALBUMARTIST=Various Artists

itemTags : CustomAlbumSort
tagOptions: Album.sortTags={AlbumArtist,+CustomAlbumSort,+Album}
tagValue : CustomAlbumSort.default={Date}

You don't need AlbumArtist in the sortTags, but for scenarios where I haven't restricted to AlbumArtist or Compilation it keeps the sort order consistent i.e. by date within AlbumArtist and by name within Compilations (assuming Compilations are identified by AlbumArtist=Various Artists).

RE: Is different Album sorting per Index possible - simbun - 30-11-2020 13:03

I've continued down the rabbit hole and taken it one step further so I can have artist albums prefixed with year (as they're sorted by year), and compilations without (as they're sorted alphabetically and the release date has no real meaning to a compilation).

First I remove all Dates for compilations, adding the deleted values back to a new tag called FULLDATE as I still want the metadata to be available for other things e.g. Date.decade.index.sort (I don't want unknown to appear if I haven't already filtered out Compilations).


&ALBUMARTIST=Various Artists
&ALBUMARTIST=Various Artists
&ALBUMARTIST=Various Artists

Then I rename Date to DateExcldngCmpltns (Date Excluding Compilations) and FullDate to Date and fill the blanks with values from DateExcldngCmpltns (which will bring it back to 100% population).

aliasTags : Date:DateExcldngCmpltns,FullDate:Date
itemTags : DateExcldngCmpltns
tagValue : Date.default={DateExcldngCmpltns}

Finally I set the sort order and the display format of the album.

tagOptions : Album.sortTags={AlbumArtist,+DateExcldngCmpltns,+Album}
tagFormat : Album.displayFormat={$DateExcldngCmpltns^^ - $Album}