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Arcam Music Life - Barheys - 29-11-2019 18:43

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if any of you have any experience of working with Arcam's Music Life App and could therefore help me a little please ?

I have recently acquired some Arcam kit and the CD player which has built in streaming capabilities has its own Control App - Music Life. This also gives access to other sources like Tidal etc....

My music sits on my Mac - I've recently installed Minimserver on it and got it pushing music through to Music Life and onto my system.

After a few initial teething problems with file names and album art, it now works OK BUT............... I can't find any way to make any play lists !

Arcam tell me that their app will just read whatever the server app (in this case Minimserver) and isn't designed to create playlists etc.... so I was wondering if you could perhaps advise on either a better app to work with on my iPad or some other work around ? Most of the suggestions on the control apps thread seem to be centred on Android devices as opposed to IOS.....