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MinimStreamer + HiFi Cast - robin - 17-04-2019 17:13

Dear Simon,

I have installed MinimServer and MinimStreamer on my NAS and tried to play DSD64 with Music Player ""Hi-Fi Cast". However it doesn't work and shows an error message "Illegal MIME-type (714)".
Might i know if it is because Minimstreamer did not transcoding DSD64 before sending it to the music player? If so, how can i fix the problem?

Man thanks for you help!

RE: MinimStreamer + HiFi Cast - simoncn - 17-04-2019 19:47

You can add dsf:wav16;44 to the stream.transcode property. This produces a transcoded 16-bit 44100 Hz WAV stream. If your player can play music at a higher resolution, you can adjust this setting acccordingly.

RE: MinimStreamer + HiFi Cast - robin - 18-04-2019 16:23

Thanks a lot for your comment.
It works with 16;44 and 24;192 instead of 24;176 which have entered previously.

RE: MinimStreamer + HiFi Cast - simoncn - 18-04-2019 17:53

It is surprising that your player can play files at 192 kHz but not 176.4 kHz. Which player is this?

RE: MinimStreamer + HiFi Cast - robin - 21-04-2019 08:28

My setup is that:

Music Server : Qnap TS253b
Control : Hifi cast on Android
Renderer : Devialet 220 pro

Devialet 220 supposes to play DSD64 but when i use 24;176 and dsf:dopwav. It doesnt work. Dont know why...

RE: MinimStreamer + HiFi Cast - simoncn - 21-04-2019 14:48

According to this page, DoP support on this model is only for USB.

PCM transcoding should work. Your files need to be .dsf (not .dff) and you need to put dsf:wav24;176 in the stream.transcode property. You also need to have ffmpeg installed (check the stream.converter property to confirm this).

RE: MinimStreamer + HiFi Cast - robin - 24-04-2019 13:01

Simon. You are right it works with dsf:wav24;176 now.
Thanks a lot for your help!