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The Linn Forum RIP - Donuk - 09-10-2018 08:38

So the Linn forum has closed: which is a source of disappointment for a large community of Linnies. I suspect we all have some among our friends.

And of course some Linnies will be looking for a new home. I had several active friendships through the Linn forum which have now been suspended.

Linn in fact suggest people go to Hifi Wigwam. There is also Hifi Korner.
Over the weeks there has been a long discussion courtesy of the Lejonklou forum. The latter is not suitable for everybody as there is a stipulation that only the Tunedem method of sound evaluation is required.

Are Linnies going to scuttle to the corners of this forum? Obviously a matter for Simon to decide. And I will not express my own views at this time except to say that I do not see a natural home for Linnies, many of whom are disenchanted with the parent company at a time when optimisation using the cloud has been introduced, and evidently has its problems and detractors.

But time will tell. I suppose it is a large commitment for any organisation to maintain a forum. It shows what a great guy Simon continues to be....

Donuk sunny downtown York

RE: The Linn Forum RIP - simoncn - 09-10-2018 09:44

I am surprised and disappointed by this news.

Any Linn users who want to discuss MinimServer are welcome (of course) to do so here but I don't think it would be appropriate to extend the scope of this forum to include other Linn-related discussions.

RE: The Linn Forum RIP - DavidHB - 09-10-2018 17:06

I think that Simon's line on this is eminently sensible. As this is a forum concerned with software development and support, it may be of interest that Linn have written to known beta testers of their software, saying that there will be a new Linn Development forum. That is IMO a good thing, as far as it goes, but it does not change the view expressed in all the comments I have seen, and which I fully share, that closing the forum was a bad decision by Linn.


RE: The Linn Forum RIP - simoncn - 09-10-2018 20:50

Linn have not written to me about this new Linn Development forum even though I am a beta tester for Kazoo.

RE: The Linn Forum RIP - Donuk - 10-10-2018 10:20

Interestingly, I have received the e mail from Linn.
But while I am reserving judgement, I have the feeling that they are wanting the best of both worlds.
They want us to field test their products while offering unpredictable support, and without the bonus of a forum community.
And who knows, if there is a little forum for beta testers, they might, errr, suddenly close it.....

Donuk sunny downtown York

RE: The Linn Forum RIP - timster - 12-10-2018 07:51

I think the email was sent to known device/firmware testers primarily as I have been a konfig and kazoo tester in the past. Still am for konfig. But no email.
Kazoo in particular should be included though because, afaik, to get on the betas for apple/windows store software, you need to be added by Linn themselves. Possibly true for android too.
And how new testers could get on the programme remains unknown.

RE: The Linn Forum RIP - Martin H - 13-10-2018 13:16

Agree with Simon's stance which makes sense.

I did get the beta tester email BTW.

Re the closure, I think it's probably a poor decision but at the end of the day it's there decision to make. The way they have closed it without any warning and locking away what has been an invaluable resource without any chance for people to copy the key bits to their local PCs is frankly in the 'stupid box' for me. This would make more sense if their instructions were comprehensive and easily searched but it's a done deal and so we move on.

I would echo Don's comments re appreciation for Simon's support for Minimserver which remains the best I receive from anywhere. That's in the 'awesome box' Big Grin Big Grin

RE: The Linn Forum RIP - timster - 13-10-2018 15:39

See y'all at the WigWam?

RE: The Linn Forum RIP - Martin H - 16-10-2018 16:09

(13-10-2018 15:39)timster Wrote:  See y'all at the WigWam?

Not for me having had a looksee. I am sticking with the HiFi Kabin. Quite a few are there already and I have always used it for music ideas (albums and Live gigs) anyway.

RE: The Linn Forum RIP - timster - 16-10-2018 17:05

Sorry to hear that Martin. The Wam's Linn specific club forum is almost the same structure as the original so I'm a little surprised.
But to each his own Wink