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Minim streams using TCP or UDP ? - tgb - 19-07-2018 09:01

all is in the title : when we use minim to stream local files from NAS to a UPNP streamer, the protocol used is UDP or TCP ?

We just had a discussion on our French hifi forum, and someone pointed out that in audio, streaming is done using UDP protocol, thus without data transfer check & correction.
Strange to me, because I always thought that streaming over networks occured with transfer double-check : no data lost anyway.

On the web I found info regarding UDP in streaming using music provider like Tidal/Spotify etc : apparently UDP is used in audio streaming quite often. Fine.
My point is not regarding the online streaming services, but local streaming from NAS to renderer.

Thanks for your feedback

RE: Minim streams using TCP or UDP ? - simoncn - 19-07-2018 17:50

Audio data is streamed from the server to the renderer using TCP. Other protocols are permitted by the UPnP specification but in practice they are not used.

UPnP uses UDP as part of the device discovery protocol, with retransmission if required.