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Latest Melco Firmware - Donuk - 17-05-2018 10:04


I note from the Melco site that the latest Firmware 3.80 is now available for download. I have been using the beta of this for a while, and I, and others, confirm that it is a significant step forward both in features and sound quality.

One feature which is particular interest is the Dark Mode. This cuts in when the display is set to dark, and simultaneously, I understand, some processes are also shut down. I think Simon knows more about this than I do. This apparently simplifies the work for the processor with resulting sound benefits.

Also, the ability to switch off Twonky (which has also been upgraded) is there, paving the way for exclusive use of Minimserver.

I found the upgrade straightforward and I did not have to reinstall Minimserver. I paste below the text from the Melco forum posted today.

Happy listening
Donuk Sunny Downtown York.

[Media server]
- Twonky Server 8.5 is newly installed.
 *Improved reading wav file tag information.
 *Improved reading cover art of FLAC file function.
*Supports reading bit depth of FLAC/WAV/DSF/DSDIFF files, navigation tree `format` folder supports selecting folders by sample rate,
e.g. `44.1KHz/16bit` or `44.1KHz/24bit`.
*Navigation tree folder `Year` changed to `Decade`, this decade folder is selectable from both `Decades` and `Genre`,
like `Decade > 80`s > ! ALL ! / ! By Year ! / Rock`.
*Supports data scan in expansion HDD while connecting HDD to EXPANSION PORT.
It is recommended to turn off the N1 before removing the expansion HDD.
*Supports multiple languages setting table on Twonky Server management screen via browser.

[USB-DAC Local Player]
- Added more USB-DACs supporting MELCO Markerless DSD.
*See update information on MELCO website.
- Improved PrecisionStart function while playing DSD files.
- Supports managing internet radio URLs to m3u files, by saving m3u files to N1ʼs share folder: selecting from ‘playlist` in navigation tree to listen to the internet radio while using USB-DAC connection.
*Reception of internet radio is not supported / guaranteed.
- Improved title display on front screen.
- Supports saving `now playing` playlist in control apps to N1 in mode 1 with USB-DAC connection.
*To delete saved playlist, PC / Mac / CIFS compatible application is necessary.
- Improved playback sound quality via control apps.

- Improved downloader operation.
- Deleted `Qobuz` (installed in FW Ver. 3.70-74) download service.

[New menu items]
- Added new menu items in `Media Server`.
*`IndexView For Client` is available for changing navigation tree mode.
*`Duplicate removal for Title` is available for displaying only one music song if titles are duplicated. *Default setting is ON.
*`Twonky Service` is selectable for `ON/OFF`.
* OFF setting will stop the file distribution function when not playing music data saved in N1 or using the N1 as media player. As a result, this setting will disable functions such as `Browse Songs` `Update Music Database` and music titles will not be displayed on the screen.
- `Support` is newly added in menu top list for capturing operating environment information of N1 and saving this file to N1 share folder automatically for technical support use.
*By sending this file to us, we can check the detail status of your N1.

- Optimized `Dark Mode` of `Display`.
- Changed operation of `Format Internal Drives` and improved read & write operation.
*From FW Ver. 3.80, operating time of this function will take longer time than before but reading and writing stability is enhanced.
*Downgrade FW to earlier than Ver. 3.80 will not be possible after rebuild internal array using 3.80.
- Improved operation with expansion HDD.
*HDD over 2.5TB capacity formatted by Mac OS will be recognized normally.
- Improved operation of `USB system update`.
- Improved ability of upgrading FW version from the rear port when N1A`s front port is using an expansion HDD.
- Improved operation of `Power Off` function to avoid corruption of data when N1 shuts down.
- Improved tagging operation of WAV files for CD-ripping.

RE: Latest Melco Firmware - Donuk - 18-05-2018 09:27

Come on you guys..
Anybody tried it yet???

Donuk sunny downtown York

RE: Latest Melco Firmware - simoncn - 18-05-2018 12:38

Working well for me with improved sound quality in Dark Mode.

RE: Latest Melco Firmware - Peter@57m - 18-05-2018 20:47

And for me - a definite sound quality improvement in Dark mode.

RE: Latest Melco Firmware - GreenMtnGringo - 20-05-2018 17:48

Hi, v3.80 is installed and it is working well and sounding great in Dark Mode. One issue that carried over from v3.72 is that, when playing an album folder of FLAC files, the Melco continues to display the name of the first track throughout the entire album. Since I use Dark Mode 99% of the time, this is not a big deal, but the OCD in me is concerned that the track name does not advance.

RE: Latest Melco Firmware - simoncn - 29-05-2018 20:08

The track name is advancing for me with 3.80. I have tried it with FLAC and with FLAC transcoded to WAV and both are working.

RE: Latest Melco Firmware - Melco Man - 03-06-2018 11:36

(29-05-2018 20:08)simoncn Wrote:  The track name is advancing for me with 3.80. I have tried it with FLAC and with FLAC transcoded to WAV and both are working.
I thought I'd chip in here - I also have the problem of the first track name showing throughout a folder of flac songs.
On another note, I also use flac:wav24 transcoding which is great but I would love to be able to do aiff:wav24 - is this on the cards? So much of my library was originally ripped as aiff.

RE: Latest Melco Firmware - simoncn - 03-06-2018 22:24

It should be possible to add support for aiff:wav24 transcoding in the fairly near future.

RE: Latest Melco Firmware - ofrex - 13-06-2018 12:55

It works nicely for me

I appreciate the "Supports saving `now playing` playlist in control apps to N1 in mode 1 with USB-DAC connection." (the list is saved in an m3u file), although it seems to work with Twonky and not with minimserver.

RE: Latest Melco Firmware - simoncn - 13-06-2018 14:29

Which control point are you using? What do you do to save this playlist? Do you do it from the control point or from the N1?