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Where to buy DSD files - lyapounov - 05-12-2017 22:06

Here are some web sites to buy DSD files. Feel free to add

Nativedsd has a good catalog of DSD files, I think the best.
They even propose an excel file of not only their catalog, but players, software, etc. Very interesting :
I like NativeDSD because they are structured by labels, like the London Symphony Orchestra ( Mariinsky or Harmonia Mundi

Other web sites where you can buy DSD files :
ProstudioMaster has some files.
Qobuz said they would, but nothing yet. to compare for free

A portal : not exhaustive though, but some links

Also, there are some players which allow to rip your SACD in DSD files
Therefore, here is a web site where you can buy SACD; sometimes they are cheaper than buying the DSD files

Hope it helps