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Any problems with High Sierra? - Jack42 - 19-10-2017 05:33

I have been waiting to see if any problems arise with High Sierra on the mac platform. So far so good. I just checked the forums on products I use and I haven't seen anything. Has anyone using High Sierra had any problems with MinimServer or MinimStreamer? If not I'll go ahead and upgrade my computer.

RE: Any problems with High Sierra? - Donuk - 19-10-2017 19:55

Hi Jack
There are lots of warnings on the net not to upgrade just yet.
I ruined a perfectly good Windows 7 Laptop by being tempted with Windows 8 and 10.
Not the same thing I know, but the principle holds.

We have a couple of Macs, but they don't have SSD main drives. If I am reading things correctly, unless you have a SSD, you will not benefit from the new file system, which as I see it is the main reason to upgrade for most people.

Can anyone authoritatively confirm my understanding?

Personally, I wait. I have Microsoft office and Photoshop to worry about transferring. And they work great at the moment.

Hope this helps
Donuk, sunny downtown York (but it has been rotten today)