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All items menu option - el6e7 - 25-08-2017 14:06

Hi there.

Brand new user here. An OS update to my Asustor NAS led to MiniDLNA malfunctioning. After some messing around trying to get Twonky to work I tried MinimServer and I'm delighted with it - not least the speed. Have been able to tweak it to get my collection sorted better than ever.

Also great - searching this forum led me to discover the Android app Hi-Fi Cast - wow, gapless playing on Chromecast Audio - at last!

Right now I have two things I'd like to be able to do in MinimServer. I see that one is already on the to-do list (a "recently added items" menu) so that's great....I'll wait to see if that happens.

The other, I see someone requested in 2013 but didn't spot any later references to it on the forum or in the use guides. It's simply to get rid of the "all items" menu option when browsing. Is this possible? I can't see myself using that particular list. As I like to keep things as minimal as possible, would be nice to just make it disappear. Is this currently possible?

Either way, thanks for a great product. Will be donating soon (when Twonky refunds me for the license for a product that wouldn't work!).

RE: All items menu option - simoncn - 25-08-2017 14:36

It isn't possible to remove the # items menu choice. Although this isn't very useful at the top level (except with a very small test library), it can be useful as you browse down through the menu structure and the number of available items decreases.

RE: All items menu option - antonmb - 28-08-2017 23:54

One workaround, if you like simplicity, is to set the option "listViewAlbums" to a high number. Then when you select artist, genre, album artist, etc., if there are fewer albums than the number select, you'll go straight to the display of album covers for that item. For any item with more than the set number of albums, you still get the list of selections, including "all items." So for example if I have set mine to 25, when I select B.B. King, of whom have only two albums, I would go straight to the albums view. The downside is that I would no longer have the option of just browsing or playing all B.B. King songs, or seeing the list of all artists who performed on his album of duets.