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Transport is locked (code: 705) - nickc - 31-12-2016 18:13


I've just installed (and updated to latest versions) MinimServer and MinimStreamer on a brand new QNAP HS-251+. The QNAP is connected to the internet by a VPN routed via a UK server. Thus I hoped to be able to access the HLS BBC radio streams, having set up the playlist as in Simon's instructions. (On an older QNAP I've been running MinimServer and MinimStreamer happily for months and listening to BBC Radio 3 on the lower quality extra-UK streams day in and day out.) I'm using BubbleUPnP on an android tablet as controller and my new Arcam SR250 as renderer. BubbleUPnP sees the Arcam and MinimServer, shows the playlist file, but when I click on BBC Radio3 nothing happens, then an error message briefly appears: "Transport is locked (code: 705)" I've added "aac" stream info to the Radio3 entry after reading Simon's suggestion to another poster, but that hasn't helped. I've also tried setting up transcoding to WAV as the Arcam definitely supports WAV, but again no luck, although now BubbleUPnP momentarily switches to play mode, but with no sound, before the error message appears. I've tried BubbleUPnP on three different Android devices, but all with the same problem. Any suggestions what might be the issue?

RE: Transport is locked (code: 705) - nickc - 01-01-2017 16:32

Glad to report it's working now. I'm not clear what the problem was, but having tinkered some more with the Arcam, making use of its display output, I was able to find MinimServer on the new QNAP, go to the BBC Radio playlist and play the stations there, the onscreen info showing the higher bitrates were indeed coming through. Having done that, I now find BubbleUPnP will play the same streams, with no further error code. It's as though once the Arcam had been "shown" the streams directly from within its own system it could then handle BubbleUPnP's instructions! All very non-tech, but as much a my pea brain can figure it!

RE: Transport is locked (code: 705) - nickc - 02-01-2017 13:37

I wasn't sure whether to continue here, start a new thread, or pitch into one of the existing ones dealing with the BBC HLS streams, but I'll stay here for now.

Having got the HLS streams playing through the Arcam in one living room, I didn't anticipate a problem playing them in another room with a different setup, viz RaspberryPi B+, with Hifiberry+ audio card, running Volumio (v.1.55). This setup, as I've said above, has been happily playing the lower res BBC streams. And after reading
Quote:With MinimStreamer 0.5.2, you don't need a transcode setting. The HLS stream is automatically converted to AAC ADTS as described in the Release notes.

Quote:HD radio coming out of the Raspberry Pi running Volumio
Controlled by Linn Kazoo
All sourced from MinimServer and Streamer

I'm well chuffed and it sounds good too!

Rapberry P1 2
Volumio 1.55
I expected it to work. But no, I can (using BubbleUPnP as control) choose Volumio as renderer and MinimServer as Library, find the BBC radio playlist and choose a station (Radio 3), but it makes a brief, soundless start, then reverts to "stop". (No error message this time though.) In the same room, using the same controller (BubbleUPnP on a Samsung tablet) I can choose my HTC M10 phone as renderer and it plays perfectly! So why not on Volumio? I continue to read through the discussion around playing the HLS streams, but haven't found a solution yet. Almost certainly I'm missing something obvious ... Can someone kindly assist?

RE: Transport is locked (code: 705) - simoncn - 03-01-2017 09:38

The problem with reusing a thread to discuss a different problem is that people might read the thread title and ignore the thread because the title doesn't seem to be relevant to them.

Have you tried the previous low-res international streams with your new setup and Volumio?

Volumio 1.55 is quite old now. It might be worth trying a newer version.

RE: Transport is locked (code: 705) - nickc - 03-01-2017 13:15

Thanks for your reply, Simon. Yes, I think I will start a new thread: the existing ones on the BBC HLS streams are very long now, and I'm still reading and re-reading, trying different things ...

Yes, the international streams play fine on both my existing setup (MinimServer/Streamer [with the international stream playlist] on a QNAP TS-109 and Volumio on a Pi B+) and my new setup (MinimServer/Streamer [with the HLS stream playlist] on a QNAP HS-251+ and Arcam SR-250). I use BubbleUPnP as controller and with MS on the TS-109 as "Library" I can play the international streams on both Volumio and the Arcam. When I switch to MS on the new HS-251+ and try to play the HLS streams, they play fine on the Arcam but won't play on Volumio. What I've discovered today is that I thought I had the transcode setting blank in the MS properties on the HS-251+ but in fact I'd left a *:WAV entry. As soon as I cleared that, I found the situation reversed: HLS stream plays on Volumio (with some stuttering for a while but that's another issue) but no longer on the Arcam. This makes sense as the Arcam only supports, quote: "MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC and MPEG-4 AAC (iTunes) with DRM10 support". I guess the last is a particular implementation of AAC which is different from the BBC HLS version, so the Arcam needs the WAV transcoding. What I don't understand is why Volumio can't work with that as well - but I'm going back to the various discussions on here in pursuit of an answer. I'll start a new thread with a more appropriate title if I need to ask for further assistance.

I continue to think MinimServer is one of the very best software programmes on the planet, by the way, and have sent a further small donation to acknowledge such, especially as I'm now using it in two implementations. Many, many thanks for all your dedicated work.

PS I checked for updates within Volumio recently, but it didn't come up with anything new. I'll need to look into that.

RE: Transport is locked (code: 705) - simoncn - 03-01-2017 14:15

I might have misunderstood which low-res international streams you were using previously. I thought it was the low-res non-UK HLS streams but your latest post has made me think these streams might have been in MP3 or AAC format.

MPEG-4 AAC (iTunes) is not the same as ADTS AAC which is the output type that MinimStreamer uses for an HLS stream. This explains why the Arcam can't play HLS streams without transcoding, although this seems like a surprising omission.

You might be able to fix the WAV issue with Volumio by updating to the latest level available from this page. I haven't tried this myself but it usually helps to be on the latest version.

Another option is to enable the MIME type compatibility check in BubbleUPnP and use aac:-/wav as your transcoding setting. The advertises multiple stream types to the control point and BubbleUPnP should (hopefully) choose the correct stream type for each of your renderers.

Many thanks for the donation and your kind words of appreciation!

Edit: With the aac:-/wav setting, you might need to specify ;aac as the stream type in your playlist.

Edit 2: I have just tried the BBC HLS UK streams with Volumio 2.001 and they are playing with and without WAV transcoding.

RE: Transport is locked (code: 705) - nickc - 03-01-2017 16:42

Thanks so much for your speedy response, which has saved me a lot of time. For clarification, it is the low-res non-UK HLS streams that I have in the old setup; I created the playlist by following your suggestion somewhere that one could simply edit the hi-res UK URLs along the lines: I had forgotten that these are also HLS streams, which I expect created the confusion in my previous post. Anyway, I shall now get straight on with updating Volumio, which seems the obvious next step. If for any reason that runs into problems, I'll try the transcoding options you suggest. Again, very many thanks.

RE: Transport is locked (code: 705) - nickc - 04-01-2017 17:46

Just for info, I've updated to the latest version of Volumio (2.041) but sadly exactly the same as before: the UK HLS streams will only play on the Arcam with *:wav, but with that transcoding they won't play on Volumio (and the Arcam won't accept aac:-/wav either). But the problem is clearly not with MinimServer/Streamer: if I select my HTC10 phone as renderer in BubbleUPnP, they play fine! I've emailed Bubbleguuum to see if he can help. When I get this resolved I'll post my findings in a new thread.

RE: Transport is locked (code: 705) - simoncn - 04-01-2017 18:39

I have found a workaround for this problem. In the stream.options field, you can specify 'streamSize=4gb'. It seems that Volumio won't play a WAV stream unless it knows the stream size in advance.

RE: Transport is locked (code: 705) - nickc - 04-01-2017 19:03

Simon, you are a STAR! Brilliant! That works! High quality HLS streams now playing on both systems at once (not quite in sync, but that's another issue, and not an important one here). Thank you so much.