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RE: Routers and multicast discovery - ku71 - 01-06-2016 21:22

I have a Netgear R7000 Firmware Version V1.0.6.28_1.1.83 (latest at time of writing)

DLNA servers are Synology (the one that comes with it) and a Raspberry Pi (currently minidlna). DLNA renderer is another Raspberry PI which is on the 2.4 GHz network. I never see the renderer from any device on the 5 GHz network.

I will be trying (alternative firmware)

RE: Routers and multicast discovery - tarnkappe - 04-06-2016 18:49

My network does have upnp discovery problems. E.g. Bubble upnp server that is running on my NAS cannot find the upnp streamer for some minutes. Or bubble upnp app on my nexus5 cannot find the streamer, too.

The network is build this way:

Streamer --- AVM Fritz box 7490 --- Asus ac66u router as access point --- NAS

I do not know if the problem is the fritz box or the asus router. You can turn off igmp snooping in the asus access point for wifi, but there is no control option for the LAN part. Igmp snooping for wifi is turned off. The fritz box does not offer an option to set igmp snooping.

As bubble upnp server on the NAS sometimes does not find the streamer I guess that the fritz box is the culpret. So I want to try to place a switch in front to it, to take it out of the connection way of all other components. The problem is that I do not know which switch is working fine. Are there any recommendations?

That the TP-Link routers support igmp snooping does not need to be a bad thing as long the support all igmp versions correctly. Regarding the netgear switches I have read on amazons that they sometimes have the problem, falling to 100 Mbit after running for some days. You have to restart them to get back the full 1GBit/s. Also the TP-Link routers are said to consume less power. Some cisco managed switches can be configured for igmp in detail, but are quite expensive. Zyxel switches offer good speed when running long, but I do not know how they behave regarding igmp.


RE: Routers and multicast discovery - tarnkappe - 04-06-2016 18:53

This is a thread were the cisco switches are recommended:

RE: Routers and multicast discovery - simoncn - 04-06-2016 20:52

I have a NETGEAR GS108Tv2 with IGMP snooping disabled. This is working well for multicast discovery.