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RE: Removing "duplicate" original and transcoded streams - Pastim - 27-05-2014 11:42

(27-05-2014 11:11)simoncn Wrote:  
(27-05-2014 10:16)Pastim Wrote:  Yes, I did rescan (more than once). None of my CPs nor renderers ever see more than 'desktop.mp3'. MinimStreamer is definitely installed (0.4) and I can see the converter, record and transcode fields on the System tab.

Please try using the attached file, exactly "as is". This file is working for me.

Quote:I may well want to transcode once I can get it all working. I don't want mp3, but it's the only stream I can seem to get to work out of my slightly complex 'cunning plan' thus far.

If and when I do get a transcode to work I'm a little puzzled as to what extension to use on the feed. If my http feed is, say, providing flac, and I want wav out, what should I call the feed? I have a feeling that my renderers look at the extension to determine the type, but will MinimStreamer be confused if I use a wav extension on the initial feed?

This depends on the renderer and the combination of original and transcoded formats that you are using. The specific case you have mentioned won't work because MinimStreamer doesn't transcode FLAC network streams. See this section for a list of network streams that MinimStreamer can transcode.

I have now found out why my playlist didn't work. I had a trailing space after #EXTM3U . No wonder I couldn't see what the problem was. Sad

Now at least can I try out the options Smile