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minimserver on Synology ds2143 air - yurkot - 20-12-2013 11:53

I got the Synology ds213 air NAS
I got snagged up on the Java install so finally hired my IT guy to install it for me. I feel a bit less stupid now since it took him almost 2 hours. I then downloaded the Minimserver to the NAS. Anyway, my system is a Linn system that I control through Kinsky. We uploaded my music collection from my Ready NAS to the Synology into the Music share folder. When I double click the Music folder, the music is there. When I open Kinsky (either on my computer or IPAD I see the minimserver which is on the Synology NAS but none of the music is visible. What have I or haven't I done and how do I fix it? What do I need to do to start playing music?
One more thing, When I open my albums in the music folder on the Synology, the tracks appear in the wrong order. Could that be a function of the Teracopy file transfer or something else

RE: minimserver on Synology ds2143 air - yurkot - 21-12-2013 03:21

Never mind I figured it out