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Full Version: UTF-8 at Synology NAS (PPC)
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(12-11-2013 11:37)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-11-2013 11:29)Jota Wrote: [ -> ]Hi. New to this NAS music thing and I was recommended Minimserver by someone over at AVForums. I use BubbleUPnP on my android phone, have Minimserver on my Synology 213+ and using an Oppo103.

I'm trying to shuffle play my entire music collection which is all in FLAC and in Artist/Album folders format but I'm unable to do this.

I was getting a warning message in my NAS about UTF-8 and checked the Minimserver log and it says - 'Platform default Charset US=ASCII'.

DSM is the latest version. Minimserver 0.72. Java version 1.7.0_45-0021

Any help would be appreciated.

A fix for this problem has been posted earlier in this thread. See this post.

Ah ok. Thanks. I saw version 0.72 and thought that was what I had.
0.72 - that was exactly my problem Wink
(12-11-2013 17:43)uk75 Wrote: [ -> ]0.72 - that was exactly my problem Wink

Test builds have the same filenames as official releases. When a test build is promoted to an official update, the filename changes.

The version number in the log window and the About dialog does not change until the next official release. For example, if you install MinimServer-0.72.2-arm.spk and look in the log window for the version, you will see 0.72. This is because the MinimServer code within the 0.72.2 update package is still at the 0.72 level.

The version number in the Synology Package Center should match the version in the filename. Unfortunately, I didn't make this change when I promoted the test builds to official updates earlier today. I will refresh the official updates with a fix for this later today.

The next release will have a different version numbering convention which I hope will be less confusing.
I just came on to confirm that the update fixed it for me too. Thanks again. Smile
Hi Simon,

Thanks for this in between update. Working oerfect and I have got more music...I was already wondering where it came fromCool

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