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Full Version: BubbleUPnP and Pause/Next track
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I suspect you will see that the renderer is not even requesting the file from MinimServer. If this is not the case, please let me know.
(16-07-2020 19:45)Alandbush Wrote: [ -> ]No, no, certainly not suggesting an ohNet involvement. Smile

It was that the message source and description contained more detail than that reported in previous posts.

Apologies for misunderstanding. Unfortunately, the quoted post illustrates that devices don't always send the "correct" code.
(16-07-2020 20:48)jchoatejr Wrote: [ -> ]Unless I run across something specific my next move will probably be to download and install TuneBrowser as a renderer and then see what happens.

I use Tunebrowser most often and have not seen the 501 message. You should be ok. But then again, I don't use it to alter volume.

The author of Audiophile Renderer admitted that it does not have volume control in response to someone getting the 501 message whilst altering volume via BubbleUPNP. I'll make a wild, wild guess that Audiophile Renderer does not fully implement all UPNP actions which results in the 501 message when they are actioned.
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