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Hi Simon,

There is a significant amount of i tunes artwork still not showing up on Minim Server.

Can you help at all?

Many Thanks.
I think I may know what's causing this. I remember reading that iTunes doesn't keep artwork in the music file or in the music file's folder, but in a separate location specifically for iTunes artwork. MinimServer currently isn't able to access this separate location.

Can you tell me how you obtained the music and artwork that's causing the problem? For example, was the music purchased as downloads from iTunes? What format is the music in (AAC, ALAC, AIFF, MP3, etc)? If I have enough information about this, I can try to repeat what you've done and see if I get the same problem.
Hi Simon - thanks for your response.

99% of my music on iTunes is CD import.
All of the files appear to be AAC audio files.
If you ask for "Get info" in I tunes it gives you where the file is stored-all the file directories(?) end in .m4a.
When you open Finder and click music there is a separate folder for Artwork.

Having said all that minim server is showing artwork for some Albums that have the same properties as above!!

Anything you can do??

Kind Regards
Did you use iTunes to rip the original CD into a .m4a file? If so, was the artwork created automatically by iTunes when you did the ripping?
Yes Simon, any artwork in iTunes was downloaded (tagged) by iTunes.There is a command in iTunes "Get Album Artwork."
Doesn't work all the time tho!
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