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Full Version: "Hide Contents" under multi-disc
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Thanks for the great update! Smile

On the new 0.51, there is a "Hide Contents" under multi-disc, and there is nothing in the "Hide Contents". What is it and what is the usage?

Thanks in advance.
The short answer is that you should ignore this entry and never select it.

The long answer is that this entry is needed to prevent duplicate tracks being added to the playlist if the user adds the complete multi-disc album to the playlist. Without this special entry, the control point would add all the tracks from the top-level display and would also add all the tracks from each disc, which would give you every track twice.

It works as follows: when "Hide Contents" is selected, this hides the contents of the disc. (Try opening the disc after you've selected "Hide Contents", and you should see this.) Because "Hide Contents" appears above the disc, when the control point iterates through the complete album contents, it selects "Hide Contents" before it selects the disc. This means the control point won't pick up duplicate tracks from the disc container because the disc contents are hidden.
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