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Full Version: Help: MinimStreamer on Qnap [Solved]
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Granted I'm a beginner!
I installed FFMPEG on Qnap-453, ver. 6.0.0 (Binary static) as per the instructions below:
The installation seems to have gone ok! (see attached IMG)
I go into MinimStreamer and put the new version of ffmpeg in stream.converter (see attached IMG)
I enter
convOut=-i "/share/NAS-Qnap-453/DataVol1/Public/Rephase/Left_Right-44.wav" /opt/ffmpeg/ffmpeg -lavfi afir
in stream.options ...
and it gives me the following error: 'convOut' option incorrect for converter (see attached IMG)
And obviously I'm in a panic !!! Big Grin
Try setting stream.options to this:

convOut=-i "/share/NAS-Qnap-453/DataVol1/Public/Rephase/Left_Right-44.wav" -lavfi afir
Change error
This message is telling you that the path


is incorrect. Where did this path come from? Instead, you could try

Thanks Simon: here we go!!!
The final version is attached.
Thanks again
Now I'll start with the listening!!!
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