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Full Version: minimserver 2 on MacOS
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I have a minimserver 2 installed on MacOS 14 (macmini M1). When the macmini is "ON" everything seems fine. I can find the minimserver in the network and can playback my music collection. The problems start, when the macmini changes to sleep mode. This I have set in the macmini preferences to 5 minutes after inactivity and that ist ok for me.
It seems, that the MacOs does not recognize the minimserver running and changes to sleep mode. I have installed a wake on LAN app on my android mobil, to get the macmini awake. But again, after 5 minutes I have to wake up the system.
Anybody out there, who knows how to solve this?
Thank you...

The only solution I have found is to disable automatic sleep while using MinimServer. The sleep mode is triggered by an absence of keyboard or mouse interaction and doesn't take background app activity into account.
ok, that's a fast and clear reply!! thank you
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