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Full Version: CD ripping, tagging and CRIP
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I've used various Linux CD rippers for years - and never been entirely happy with the tagging - typically offering title, artist, album and no more.

So when I was setting up Minimserver on the LXDE version of Linux Mint I looked for CD rippers in the repository and saw one I'd never noticed before - CRIP.

It's a command line program (no GUI) and runs in the terminal. The person who developed it did so to cater for classical music tagging especially. Essentially it asks a series of questions and takes you through each tag as you go. It has config files where one can presumably alter the code to insert whatever tags you want into the 'question' procedure or just (somewhat easier) adjust the 'reminder' in the programme to manually insert custom tags as you go. Frankly it's been a godsend and makes ripping so much easier and quicker.

I can't think why it's not better known - other than not being an attractive GUI programme.

If it's not in your Linux repository the website is at: and a tar.gz file is available for download.
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