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Full Version: Two values of Albumtitle would be nice
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I want to have two alternative titles, as it is in discogs:
One title should show the Box Set, the other should show the Dics Tiltle.
But it does not work, see also here:
My wish would be, that the server could do it in the same manner as in Genre, Artist, or Country.
Is there a reason why it is not possible?
Thanks in advance for an answer.
You can use DISCSUBTITLE tag as described here
The internal design of MInimServer allows an item (track or group) to belong either to a single album or to no album. Allowing an item to belong to multiple albums would be a major change.

As DISCSUBTITLE is already supported by MinimServer, this is the recommended solution.

In the future, it is likely that ALBUMGROUP will also be supported (see this post), which would provide another way of doing this.
OK, I see, my wish:
The DISCSUBTITLE should be parallel to Album
I tried in aliasTags
but it is not working, how to set up?
Thanks for your hints.
That’s wrong.
In that way you’re just creating an alias for the Album tag (ie like as you rename Album in DISCSUBTITLE)
You need to set the Album tag as the box name and the DISCSUBTITLE tag as the different sections of the box, one for each section
… and this is an example of what you can achieve using DISCSUBTITLE tag defining it in indexTag property
Here is the album with its indexes
and here all the album subtitles (DISCSUBTITLE)
Thanks for the hint, but my wish ist not to create an new structure, I want a "merged" album list with both values. I do not want/need too complex lists, I prefer flat structures.
I tried the following:
I have the following message:
Warning: conflicting ALBUM tag value Unearthed Volume 1 (Who's Gonna Cry) ignored for file Johnny Cash - Unearthed 1 - Who's Gonna Cry
Is there a way to show both in the album?
You could try to use indexFormat in tagFormat property (Advanced):
in this way you concatenate Album and DISCSUBTITLE
You could do the following:

1) Add DISCSUBTITLE tags to your files in addition to ALBUM tags, as suggested by stefano_mbp
2) Add a tag name AlbumTitle to the indexTags property
3) Add the following to the tagValue property: AlbumTitle.merge={Album, DiscSubtitle}

After restarting MinimServer, you will see a new index AlbumTitle containing a mixture of top-level album sets and individual album names.
Thank you again, but it does not work.
Incorrect tag 'Album' for option 'indexFormat' in property 'tagFormat'
Possibly there is no way, it my be similar to this:
Quote: No tag would be added if the item already has a WorkByTitle tag. This limitation doesn't apply to the Artist tag.

If there is no way, it can live with it.
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