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Full Version: Artwork do not always show on Minimserver
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I did activate the free trial full licence on Minimserver and still the artwork of several of my albums are not showing despite the fact that the file name is as prescribe : name_of_the_file.jpeg

The artwork are showing on Roon.

Can you explain why?

Best regards,
The artwork file type should be jpg or png as you can read here
Also, I am not sure what you mean by name_of_the_file. The filename you need is the name of the album (the value of the Album tag in the album files) followed by .jpg or .png.
Thank you for your reply.

Here is two artwork file name with .jpg as ending. The first show on Lumin the image for each of the tracks and the other none.
Since these image files are shown for some and not for others it is mysterious. Also, everything is file on the Roon Serve.

Are you sure about “100_Best_Opera_classics.jpg”, shouldn’t it be “100_Best_Opera_Classics.jpg” ?

I am pleased to inform you that I have found a way to solve my problem of displaying album covers on minimserver on Lumin. I replaced on all the name of the albums on the files . jpg by cover.jpg

I discovered that one of my file was identified that way.

There are . jpg files that works with the album name but it is a very small number.

Thank you all for your interest in this issue. Best regards.
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