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Full Version: Multiple Licenses
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Silly question because I'm lost in the jargon. I understand that you run MinimServer on up to three devices. Does this mean that you can point to different libraries and renderers under the same license, or would you need a separate license to do this? Thanks!
The "device" for licensing purposes is the device on which MinimServer is installed and running, not any other devices such as control points and renderers.
I currently run MinimServer on a NAS and MinimWatch on a Mac. If I also installed MinimServer on the Mac, would this cause problems because, if I'm understanding this correctly, I'd also need a separate instance of MinimWatch on the same device. Hope I'm not just terribly confused!
MinimWatch has no paid license and no limit on devices.

If you run MinimServer on a Mac, it does not need a MinimWatch instance on the Mac. MinimWatch on the Mac is only needed to control MinimServer on a NAS or similar.

A single instance of MinimWatch can control any numnber of MinimServer instances.

The setup you have described:

MinimServer on NAS
MinimServer on Mac
MinimWatch on Mac to control MinimServer on NAS

needs two MinimServer license activations.
Thanks, now makes sense!
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