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Full Version: Chorus doesn't display Composer
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Hi Simon,

Thank you for MinimServer! I’ve been using Twonky for two years (with Briain’s trees), but MinimServer is much faster. It has some very nice features, especially for classical music.

Everything works fine on my PC and Qnap. There’s only one thing I don’t understand: Chorus doesn’t display the name of the composer when playing music (normally below the Artist field). It’s just blank. When selecting music it’s there (xxx items, xxx albums, Artist, Composer, Composition etc.)
With Twonky that has never been a problem. Other control points don’t show the composer at all (as far as I know, anyway PlugPlayer and Kinsky don’t), so I can’t try anything else. Do you have any idea?
Some questions:
1) Are you using ChorusDS/iPod or ChorusDSHD/iPad?
2) Where exactly is the composer name missing when you're using MinimServer? Is it on the Now Playing screen or in the playlist entries?

I'm unable to try this at the moment because I don't have a DS available, and Chorus apparently only works with a DS and not with other UPnP renderers. Sad
One more question:
3) What kind of files are these (FLAC/AIFF/ALAC/AAC/MP3/etc.)? I'm asking this to understand how the composer information is tagged.
I use ChorusDSHD. ChorusDS on the iPod doesn't display the name of the composer at all. My files are mainly FLAC, some mp3 but that doesn't make any difference regarding this problem.
I've made some screenshots, so you can see the difference. I can select a composer so the field is used by MinimServer.
Which version of Twonky is showing the composer correctly? If it's 5.x, I have an idea about what may be causing the problem.
All versions did so far, currently I'm using 6.0.39.
Are you using the latest ChorusDS HD (version 1.2)?
I do. This version is more than a year old, so it might have been the last update. I usually install the latest updates of all the programs I use (with the exception of Twonky 7).
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