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Full Version: Primare CD15 Playlists
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Hi to the Minim Team,

i am new in this forum, so maybe my question came up earlier already, but so far I could not find an answer to my problem.

We were using MinimServer occassionally with our Primare Prisma app running on an Apple ipad. Our music library and MinimServer as well are running on a Synology NAS type DS220+.
Our files are completely based on CD, we converted/ripped the data with dbpoweramp to AIFF format.

Originally we started streaming with Roon, but our Primare hardware CD15 Prisma is not Roon ready, so there are incompatibilities, when you want to switch from streaming to cd and vice versa.
Basically you have to switch of the cd-Player/dac and manually switch from Roon to cd-mode which is inconvenient.

Therefore we decided to go for MinimServer, because the Prisma app includes the functions of the MinimServer nicely and it is easy to switch between cd, streaming radio and so on. The additional information from Roon is missing, but not that important and bearable. We installed a full licence of MinimServer and MinimWatch just before Christmas.

Even the configuration of playlist with Prisma/MinimServer is easy going, but where are the playlists stored and can we access them? Is there a way to export them as a back-up?

It would be very helpful, if you could provide an answer.

Best regards
It sounds like your playlists are created and stored by the Prisma app, not by MinimServer. MinimServer recognises playlists stored as .m3u files in your server library but does not create playlists itself.
Good morning, thank you very much for your quick reply, i will talk to Primare then.
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