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Full Version: Album art different than it should be
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I run MinimServer on Synology NAS. It used to work fine. But recently, I found that the some folder album arts are different from it should be. But the album art is correct if I play the sound. It's just the folder album art is not correct. I tried to rescan it several times, but the problem still occur.

Please help!!!!
Please give details of a specific example of the problem, preferably with screenshots. Many thanks.
For example, the album art of Beatles, suppose to a Beatles. But it turn out to be someone else. But when I play the song, the album art is correctly shown as Beatles. Even though I rescan the folder, it has the same problem, but with a different album art then

I don't know how to upload a picture in this forum.
This sounds like it might be a problem with how your control point caches album art. Which control point are you using?
I use Cambridge Audio CXN-V2 Network Player.

I run Cambridge Audio's both Streamagic and mconnectlite on iphone to play my file on NAS.
Thanks for this. Are you seeing the problem when using mConnect Lite to browse your library?
Yes, same problem happen in both apps.
Thanks for this. For me to understand what is happening, I will need to see some screenshots. For details of how to attach a file to a forum post, see this post.
You can see from these two pictures that the same album art appears in two different folders.

When I refresh my app, it shows a different result.

Thanks for these screenshots.

I tried this with mconnect and I see no artwork at all. MinimServer is sending the artwork but mconnect is not displaying it. I couldn't see any way to do a refresh in mconnect. How did you do the refresh in mconnect?

I tried it with some other control points (BubbleUPnP and Linn Kinsky) and the artwork is displaying correctly as in your second screenshot. Are you able to try BubbleUPnP?
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