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Full Version: control point has problem finding MinimServer
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The problem I have is that the control point I use doesn’t detect MinimServer. After a long while it does and all works fine (playing music to my Dune media player). Most of the time things continue to work. I think that’s because I regularly select other music or other ‘orders’. When music plays for some time on its own, the control point doesn’t find MinimServer when I try.
I read some tips on the internet and tried some things without the wanted effect.

My setup:
MinimServer is running on Synology DS214play
DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 5
The Synology is connected by wire to my router.
Normally there is an ASUS RT-AX58U as an access point in between, but without that the problem is still there.
Router: Ziggo modem = Compal Connectbox v1.
As control point I use the app ‘Na Remote for Dune HD Pro’ (on some mobile phones and on a tablet). The mobile phones sometimes use the wifi on the AP, but using the wifi from the router doesn’t make it work.

I tried completely disabling the firewall on the Synology. Control point (mobile phone/tablet) and the Synology DS214play are on the same subnet. My conclusion is that the problem can be the issue with multicast you mention on the troubleshooting page.
I cannot find an IGMP snooping setting on the Synology DS214play.

I hope you can help me solving this for my setup.
The IGMP snooping setting would be in the router, not in the Synology NAS. What make and model of router do you have?
The router is a Ziggo (provider) Connectbox v1:
I haven't been able to find any information online about whether this router has a setting to disable IGMP snoopng. You might be able to get the answer by asking the manufacturer.
The Connectbox v1 (that I got from my ISP = Ziggo) is a Compal ch7465lg-ZG. On the community website I read that it is not possible to set IGMP on this router.

Does this mean that with this router I'm not able to let my control point find MinimServer directly? It only works eventually because te Alive notifications that are sent every 15 to 30 minutes?
Yes, it the router is not passing on M-SEARCH requests and/or responses, you will see exactly what you are seeing.
Thank you for the help. I think I will bridge my Connectbox v1 (Compal ch7465lg-ZG) and use that only as a modem and use my ASUS RT-AX58U as router.
This sounds like a good solution.
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