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Full Version: payment for extened mimimservers refused because of email address
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I am having difficulties purchasing the Extended MinimServer License. I have a valid license. I give my username and my email address twice, then the license, and finally the currency (USD). I keep getting a message
"The email address does not match the license code". The email I am using is the same email address you used to announce the new version of MinimServer with. I have two other email addresses that I use but they are business related but I tried both just in case I might have used one of them. Same problem. When I looked at License Details and gave the license number and my gmail address I had no problem. Any help would be appreciated.


Dan S.
Please see the email I sent you on 21 April in reply to your contact enquiry.
(24-04-2022 21:26)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Please see the email I sent you on 21 April in reply to your contact enquiry.
This is all I received on April 21 and April 22

Dear Daniel S Spicer,

Your license to receive MinimServer 2 updates and use MinimStreamer
is due to expire on 2022-04-26. If you want to continue receiving
updates or using MinimStreamer after this date, you need to purchase
a license updates extension.

To extend your license to receive updates and use MinimStreamer until
2023-04-26, visit You will need
to enter your license code .

You can make a single payment to extend your license for 12 months or you
can set up a subscription to pay automatically every 12 months to keep
your license for updates and MinimStreamer active. You can cancel your
subscription at any time. For more information about these options,

For more information about MinimServer 2 and MinimStreamer licensing,

For any problems or questions related to your license, use the
contact form at

For any other problems or questions about MinimServer, post to the
MinimServer forum at

MinimWorld Ltd

I can't find anything else.
Please edit your post and delete the private key … it’s not a good idea share it on a public forum
I have deleted the icense code from your post and I will resend my other email later today.
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