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Full Version: Direct access to album containing files having the same tag.
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I use Minimserver 2 on a Qnap NAS and my control point is the Naim app.
For classical musiq, when I listen to a file tagged with orchestra, conductor, composition, soloists, can I have a direct access to the albums containing files having the same tag (for example the same composition or the same conductor) ?

Example : I listen to the first mouvement of the 3rd Symphony of Beethoven by the Berliner Philharmoniker conducted by Herbert von Karajan. The file is tagged this way :
Album name = Beethoven - Symphonie n 3 [Karajan]
Orchestra = Berliner Philharmoniker
Conductor = Herbert von Karajan
Composition = Beethoven - Symphonie n 3

Can I access in one (or two) click to the other albums containing files having the same composition, or the same conductor, or the same orchestra ?
I think this is really a question that should be directed to your control point of choice, because you're ultimately asking for the ability to perform UPnP searches during browsing/playing, which can only be controlled by the control point.

I use BubbleUPnP and when browsing at the album level I'm given the options 'Albums by <AlbumArtist>' and 'Tracks by <AlbumArtist>', and when at the track level I'm given the options 'Albums by <Artist>' and 'Tracks by <Artist>', which is implemented with a UPnP search. I don't have any classical music so I have no way of telling if it'd offer other options like Conductor if it were populated.
If your setup is compatible you could try Lumïn app.
It is one of the few, if not the only one, that use a local/internal db loaded with Minimserver data.
This allow some interesting functions like the ones you are describing.
In the attached example the first “Eroica” movement is playing, tapping on the playing track will open a window showing the track details like Conductor, Orchestra, Work and others.
Tapping on each detail row will perform a search for that content in the local db.
You can obtain all the albums containing that Work, all the albums where Herbert von Karajan is the conductor and so on.
To obtain this result you need to configure Minimserver to merge in the Artist tag the other tags of you interest like this example:
tagValue: Artist.merge={Conductor, Orchestra, Soloists, AlbumArtist, Grouping, DISCSUBTITLE, Style, CATALOGOBWVRV}
… Grouping is the Work
Why do you suggest that Work should be tagged as Grouping? Is this a LUMIN thing or something else?
Because I use Grouping, it wasn’t a suggestion but just an explanation referred to the example
… it comes from when I was using Audirvana, Audirvana don’t (or didn’t) use Work tag but it uses Grouping
the full genesis of using Grouping instead of Work is as follows:
iTunes used ContentGroup for alac files. At one point it was possible to choose between ContentGroup and Work, but Work also required to manage the Movement tag which was too complex.
Later I started using Audirvana which used ContentGroup for Alac files and Grouping for flac files.
I use Yate as a tag editor and a customization was available to meet the same criteria as Audirvana.
When I switched to Minimserver it was too late to change the tag used, editing about 180,000 tracks would have been a huge job
Thanks for this information and for clarifying that using Grouping for Work is specific to your situation and not a recommendation for other users to follow. Smile
Thanks, I probably need to reinstall bubbleupnp server on my NAS to make my streamer visible by the lumin app.
A bit disappointed that this is control point dependant as the Naim app has the best sinergy with my Naim streamer
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