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Full Version: License in incorrect format
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I just upgraded my Synology NAS to Discstation v7 following the instructions provided. All went well.

When I went to reactivate my license, I got this message:
[83ee6351] This license code is not in the correct format

I keep a file with all my registration information, copied the MinimServer license key from it and pasted it into the field on the page where one activates the license. This is the same key as I used with the Synology v6 MinimServer package.

I checked the server logs. The license code you entered has some garbage characters before and after the correct characters.

Please don't post your license code to the forum. If this information isn't enough to enable you to solve the problem, please use the Contact form on the website to contact me directly.
I typed the license code manually but get the same message. I will contact you directly.
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