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Full Version: Adding BBC HLS to radio.
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I have a full licence and my system is working normally.I would like to add BBC HLS to my Roberts radio where MinimServer music is already available.When I access playlist on radio it is empty.BBC HLS is working normally on my main system.I seem to vaguely remember that the addition of L16 to code could work.When I go into MinimServer on my Synology NAS the BBC Radio.m3u file is shown as empty.I’m not sure how to edit this file and if adding L16 would affect BBC HLS on my main system.As always any help would be much appreciated.
Does your main system play BBC HLS streams from MinimServer/MinimStreamer running on your Synology NAS or in some other way?
Yes my main system runs using MinimServer with BBC HLS accessed through playlist from MinimServer on Synology NAS.
In post #1 you said the BBC Radio.m3u file on your Synology is empty. I don't understand how you are able to play BBC streams on your main system with an empty BBC Radio.m3u file.

If you can clarify this and post the details of an .m3u entry you are using to play a BBC stream on your main system, I will try to provide advice about playing the same stream on your Roberts radio in L16 format.
I don’t understand either in Linn Kazoo under My Music MinimServer/DiskStation there is 1 playlist then BBC Radio HLS then list of stations playing at 320 kbps.When I found that file was empty in MinimServer on Synology NAS I searched to see if it was elsewhere in MinimServer but couldn’t find anything.I did notice that file had music sign not folder sign.It’s no big deal if I can’t do anything I don’t want to waste your time I like you am just a bit puzzled.
This means MinimServer has found a BBC Radio HLS.m3u (not BBC Radio.m3u) file containing the list of stations.

Please post the contents of your BBC Radio HLS.m3u file here.
Thanks for your reply.The file BBC Radio HLS.m3u in MinimServer on Synology NAS when clicked on simply says “No files are available “The size of file is 1.7KB.File type is M3U.
This message is not telling you that the file is empty. It is telling you that it doesn't contain any paths to local files.

Are you clicking on the file in Windows Explorer or in Synology File Station? If you are doing this in Windows Explorer, you can see the contents of the file by doing the following:

1) Click Start > Windows Accessories > Notepad to open a Notepad editor window

2) Drag the BBC Radio HLS.m3u file into the Notepad editor window

3) Select a few lines from the file and copy and paste these lines into a post here. You don't need to copy the whole file. Make sure you don't change the contents of the file.

4) Close the Notepad window.
The file is on Synology NAS within MinimServer.As I use an iMac I tried to drag file to Text Edit which appears to be the IOS equivalent this didn’t seem to work.
On Mac, you need to do the following:

1) In Mac Finder, navigate to the folder containing the BBC Radio HLS.m3u file
2) Select the BBC Radio HLS.m3u file
3) In the folder window title bar, click the "gear wheel" icon (now a "3 dots in circle" icon on recent versions of macOS)
4) In the drop-down menu, mouse over Open With and select TextEdit from the menu that appears
5) This will open a TextEdit window containing the contents of the BBC Radio HLS.m3u file
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