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Full Version: Stream.converter options
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I don’t know why there is ffmpeg in stream.converter options on Ubuntu. I have never done that, and on Linux Mint or OS X, I don’t have that.
MinimStreamer looks in your PATH environment variable for an ffmpeg executable. If it finds this, it puts ffmpeg in the stream.converter field to tell you that ffmpeg is installed and available for transcoding.
What is it exactly ffmpeg? Does this affect the quality of the audio stream?
Depending on the transcoding options you specify, a stream converter program (ffmpeg) might be required. For more information about this, see this section and this section.
It is strange, because on Linux Mint I don’t see the ffmpeg option. It seems that Ubuntu and Linux Mint are similar.
Please see this post. You will see ffmpeg in stream.converter if and only if your PATH environment variable includes a directory that contains the ffmpeg executable.
Both with Linux Mint and Ubuntu, it is the same computer, with the same path environment.
in this case, it sounds like Ubuntu has ffmpeg installed and Linux Mint does not.
What is the difference between ffmpeg and avconv? I think that I use favconv if there is no ffmpeg?
avconv is a very old fork of ffmpeg, now obsolete. You can still specify avconv in the stream.converter property but it might no longer work correctly with MinimStreamer.
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