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Full Version: Minim on my Melco got scrambled
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We had a series of power cuts and, since the most recent one, Minim on my Melco NAS seems to have got scrambled. I've updated it using the Melco menu system and the MinimServer appears to be running OK now.

That instance of Minim wasn't being found by MinimWatch so I've updated that as well and (after a lengthy delay), it now appears.

However, MinimStreamer appears to have been disabled. The error message was "MinimStreamer has been disabled because your updates license has expired". But it's not due to expire until next month. Date and time are correct on the Melco.

Various screenshots are attached.

Please advise.

If you set Media Server App to Off from the Melco front panel and then set it back to MinimServer, this should clear the problem.
(23-02-2022 20:51)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]If you set Media Server App to Off from the Melco front panel and then set it back to MinimServer, this should clear the problem.

Thank you Simon,

I had done that but not since I updated the version. Seems to be working now.

Since my remaining license days are running short now, I thought i'd best start evaluating MinimServer. The internet here in the Lake District isn't perfect but there still seem to be a lot of dropouts when using MinimStreamer compared to TuneIn Radio. Would you like me to send you some logs and if so, what?

Your help is much appreciated,

Which radio station is most affected by this?

How do you listen to this station using TuneIn? For example, is it via the Melco or some other device?

When you listen to this station using MinimStreamer, what settings do you have for this station in your .m3u file?
Hi Simon,

Thanks for the rapid response. All radio stations I have accessed (not that many) are affected but some more so than others.

I listen to BBC Radio 3 on both TuneIn (via Linn DS) and that hardly seems to drop out at all. Via Minimstreamer it drops out and the Melco goes on to whatever is next on the playlist.

The R3 .m3u is attached.

MinimStreamer also drops out on non-UK radio stations a lot (example Sun.m3u attached) but I can't compare that to TuneIn because it's not available there.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Your Linn DS is using a legacy stream for BBC Radio 3. This stream has been removed from TuneIn and uses a different streaming protocol (Shoutcast) than the current BBC streams (MPEG-DASH or HLS). You can access this legacy stream from MinimServer/MinimStreamer by using the following settings in your .m3u file:

#EXTINF:-1,[BBC R3S] BBC Radio 3 Shoutcast

Please try this and let me know whether it improves the situation with dropouts.

I tried the Sun Stream via a direct connection and also via MinimStreamer (the selection with [Sun] in the name). The direct connection stopped after a few seconds. Playing via MinimStreamer was fine for me. This is a lossless FLAC stream, so it needs reasonable internet bandwidth to stream without dropouts.
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