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Full Version: License expired everything stopped
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My Minimserver license has just run out on all 4 of my NAS.

Minimwatch has gone red and all minim servers have been switched off and will not restart.

I thought Minimserver was supposed to continue working and it was only streamer that stopped.

Does this mean I'm forced to pay this fee every 12 months? I wrote a couple of weeks ago saying i was going to pay after I'd found out what stopped. it seem it's everything.

If I'm forced to pay to play music I feel I've been misled.

Really not happy.

There should be a message if you hover the mouse cursor over the red icon. What does this message say?
(12-02-2022 18:16)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]There should be a message if you hover the mouse cursor over the red icon. What does this message say?

It says..
"MinimServer[RED]: Your MinimStreamer License expired on 12 february 2022."

And I'm happy with that, I understood that and expected that.

What I did not expect was for Minimserver to vanish from the network and refuse to restart. I tried reverting to no license on one of the NAS, it said it was restarting but failed to start and remains red.

I'm without any music at all right now but I've now paid my £10.

I carefully read what was written on your website about the license and it says...

"Your purchase of a full license includes all MinimServer updates and new versions for 12 months.
After this period, you can purchase a license extension to continue receiving updates for a further 12 months.
If you don't purchase this license extension, MinimServer will continue to work with no expiry date but you will no longer receive further updates. "

This is NOT "continuing to work with no expiry date."

Very dissapointed by this, until now I've always been a very big Minimserver advocate but I don't like this I feel misled.

I've paid my £10 and now need to work out how to get it going again.

If you are running MinimStreamer when your MinimStreamer license expires, you will get an error (as you expect). This error will cause MinimServer to stop because disabling MinimStreamer requires a restart of MinimServer.

After you get this error, you should not disable your full license. Instead, you should stop and restart MinimServer. Stopping and restarting MinimServer will automatically disable MinimStreamer and run MinimServer without MinimStreamer but with everything else working.

At present, this requires MinimServer to be stopped and restarted from the Package Center (Synology) or the App Center (QNAP). Restarting from MinimWatch is not sufficient to clear the error situation. I will look into making some changes to also enable this to work when MinimServer is restarted from MinimWatch.
As I said in another thread recently I deliberately intended to let my license expire so that I could clearly advise others what happens at that point. What works what doesn't etc..

Good job I did and I still don't know the full picture.

If I had received a message from Minimserver that I needed to kill/remove minimstreamer and then restart Minimserver (but not from minimwatch) to allow me to continue without a license that would have been fine but I didn't get such a message.

Then, in my urgency to get my system working again I rushed to pay my fee and consequently a question I was trying to resolve remains unanswered for me. That question is - If you continue without a license do you also lose the additional setting for minimserver gained when a license was purchased over a starter position.

I think the information available is insufficient to properly understand what to expect, what gets lost and what is required of the user.

There is another reason why I am disappointed by what happend today. That reason is my wife and what happens if I die or am in hospital. I want her to be able to play our music that doesn't seem unreasonable to me.

If I was in hospital or had died our whole muisc player system would have stopped and my wife would have had no clue what to do. You could argue that it would be similar if a NAS failed which is why I have more than one NAS available.

So I read very carefully what the website said and it told me Minimserver would not stop working but it did!
Now I don't know what to do, should I:
1. Trust you to improve this behaviour to be less fatal and more informative.
2. Remove minimstreamer now and never touch it again and not subscribe ever again.
3. Look for another server that doesn't have this behaviour.

I still don't know if the additional minimserver functions obtained when I purchased the initial license are still available or not after the license runs out. I would be greatful if you could enlighten me on that.

A disappointing and worrying day.

I have tested this by following the procedure described in my previous post (after the MinimStreamer license expires, stop and restart MinimServer using App Center) and I have confirmed that all functions of the full version of MinimServer except for MinimStreamer are working.

Powering the NAS off and on would have the same effect.
Thank you for the clarification.
To hopefully put this to bed..

If I remove minimstreamer using properties-packages-minimstreamer-2.0.9 Remove.

Will that mean that when my License runs out Minimserver will NOT stop working or need attention?

I'm currently using 4 of my 5 licenses. When my licenses run out, what will happen to the extra configuration options obtained (Like *RecentAdded and others) with purchasing the first license?

Will those extras be:

1. Removed instantly.

Or behave as if purchased and:

2. Remain on machines already installed.

3. Be associated with my license number and therefore free to move to a new machine should I obtain one.

In other words, will the license be of any value when it has run out?

It would help if I knew which of the 3 it is. I don't think I'm using minimstreamer (not certain due to radio streams) and at the moment I think it would be better for me to remove it.

Thank you.

The license extension only affects updates and MinimStreamer. If you remove MinimStreamer, everything else will continue to work without interruption when your updates/MinimStreamer license next expires in 12 months time. You will receive emails informing you that your updates/MinimStreamer license has expired but this will not affect your MinimServer instances.

After this, you will no longer receive MinimServer updates and you will not be able to install new versions of MinimServer from App Center. This means you will not benefit from new features and bug fixes.

Your MinimServer license will continue to be valid with no expiry date. All your existing installations will be able to use all MinimServer features (except MinimStreamer) that are available in the version(s) you have installed on your devices, including adding or changing options in the Properties dialog.

If you purchase a new device, you will be able to install a version of MinimServer that was released before your updates license expired and use all features (except MinimStreamer) as described above. You will not be able to install a version that was released after your updates license expired. For example, if your updates license expires on 14th February 2023 and the current version of MinimServer available at that time is MinimServer 2.3, you will be able to install MinimServer 2.3 on any new device that you purchase in the future. You will not be able to install MinimServer 2.4 or later.

All devices with MinimServer installed and a full license activated are able to use the same set of features at all times.
Thank you for that post it was very informative.

I have today removed Minimstreamer from my primary NAS to see what no longer functions. I had about 8 radio stations linked from an m3u file that no longer work (which surprised me a little) but I've managed to find replacement streams for all but one.

This looks like the best path for me at this time.

Thank you.

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