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Full Version: Minimwatch 2 not seeing Minimserver
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I assume this is the correct place for question on V2 now. I run Minimserver 2 on QNAP TS251. I run Minimwatch 2 on Mac and PC. All are the latest available versions.
They all worked fine until the other day when I noticed on my MAC that my Minimwatch icon was grey. I restarted MinimWatch and rebooted Mac and Router but it stubbornly remained grey. Minimserver is working as normal.
The next day I noticed that Minimwatch was also grey on the PC. So it looks more like there is a coms issue between server and watch. But I don't know how to track down the issue.
Full disclosure, a week or two ago I was tidying up the QNAP and deleted Multimedia Console, Photo Station, Video Station, Music Station which I don't use - but I can't believe this would interfere with Minimwatch.
Any suggestions from Simon or the wider collective?

Realised whilst reviewing the post above that the one thing I hadn't rebooted was the QNAP - although I had restarted Minimserver. So rebooted the QNAP and all is well in my world again!
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