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Full Version: Using tagupdate file
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Hi Simon
I would like to define in tagupdate file a condition to change the content of a tag.
The rule should be
=STYLE=Concerto - Chamber Music

where the content of Orchestra is blank (empty)

but it doesn’t seem possible as the rule is ignored even trying to set

Is there something that can be done or is it just impossible?
The main issue with supporting this is that it would create an undesirable inconsistency between @ and & (it is not possible to support this for @). Also, supporting this for & would prequire special parsing and handling of every & line for every file with an @ match, which would slow down scanning.

A simple solution is to use the tagValue 'default' option to add a default literal value and use this default value in the & line (or in @ if desired).

Edit: The above suggestion doesn't work. See the following dscussion.
Following your suggestion I could assign a default value to Orchestra (x) defining in tagValue property

Orchestra.default={Orchestra, ‘x’}

but the rule

=STYLE=Concerto - Chamber Music

doesn’t still work.
Could it be that the tagupdate file is processed before the tagupdate property?
You are correct that tagUpdate processing happens before tagValue processing, so my suggestion doesn't work.

FYI, there is no need for the second Orchestra in

Orchestra.default={Orchestra, ‘x’}

This can be written more simply as


because the 'default' option is processed only when the Orchestra tag is omitted.
I noted your suggestion and thanks for confirming my assumption
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