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Full Version: DSD support Lindemann Network II
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I am using BubbleuPnp Server on my imac and it does see my Lindemann. Now i am trying to upsample to DSD128 but the highest samplerate i get is wav24;384

i am using the Lumin en the Linn app
What am i doing wrong !
MinimStreamer is not able to transcode into any DSD format as an output type. This is because FFmpeg does not provide this capability. You can use DSF files as a transcoding input type.
thx for the fast answer.

I tried that but i get errorcode, Wich code would you recomment
Do you mean you tried FFmpeg without MinimServer/MinimStreamer? This will not work because FFmpeg cannot transcode to DSD formats.

JRiver Media Center can do file conversion from PCM to DSD. There might be other options.
Ok maybe i try that option, thx again
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