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Full Version: Loosing library since 2.1 upgrade
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Hi everybody,

I have problems accessing my music library after installing MinimServer 2.1 update 210 on my Melco N-100.

My control point has access to the library only if I restart MinimServer on the Melco. If I try to get to my music after a while, I can't.
I still have access to MinimServer webpage on port 9790 and the server status is running.
I also loose MinimWatch connexion to MinimServer on my laptop from time to time.
This sounds like a UPnP multicast discovery problem with your network. There might be a configuration setting on your router you can change to fix this. For more information, see this page.
Yeah that's what I thought initially...
But nothing changed with my network configuration and everything was fine before (using minimserver 2.0).

I've already been through the trouobleshooting prcoedure that didn't solved my problem.

My network configuration is :
internet box --> wifi router --> powerline --> silent angel switch --> Melco N-100 --> streamer

All equipments (including control point) are in the same subnet 192.168.1.x.
Melco 's IP adress is fixed (configured in the wifi router).

When the library is unreachable using the control point (BubbleUpnp), the status web page is still accessible while using the web browser on the same smartphone.
There are no differences between MinimServer 2.0 and 2.1 that could cause this problem. Discovery problems like this can sometimes start at any time for no obvious reason.

The next step (unless you have done this already) is to power off all your network equipment and power it on again in the order Router > Internet > Powerline > Switch > Melco. Leave a few minutes between powering on each unit. This often fixes discovery problems that have no other obvious cause.

If this doesn't fix it, the next step is to use a process of elimination to identify the box causing the problem. For example, if you connect the Melco directly to the router, does it work correctly? If so, you can then try adding powerline and the switch (one by one) to see which of these causes the problem.
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