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Full Version: Minimserver not working after update to DSM7 and Minimserver 2.0.18
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Dear Simon,

I am totally at a loss. Minimserver has been working seamlessly previously. Yesterday I updated my synology DS215j to DSM 7 following the instructions, then uninstalled minim server and reinstalled the latest version for DSM 7. I also update MinimWatch to 2.1. But on the minim server log, I get the message

Warning: unable to list files in content directory music
Library contains 0 audio files in 0 folders
MinimServer[DiskStationBG] is running

The minim server configuration says
Your last rescan was at 15:00:05 on 05 Jan 2022
ie. before the update, and doesn't change when I click the Rescan button.

I have checked the selected content directory, /volume1/music is the correct one on the synology. This feels like a permissions problem, I have given Minimwatch 2.1 full disk access.

What am I missing?

It was a permissions thing, hidden away in Synology settings. It's taken a day to find it, but got there in the end!
This is caused by a change Synology has made in DSM 7. On previous versions of DSM, MinimServer was able to run with root privilege and access all files. DSM 7 does not allow MinimServer to run with root privilege, so it is necessary to give the Administrators group read permission for your library.

I will add this information to the section describing how to update a MinimServer installation from DSM 6 to DSM 7.
Thank you Simon.

I'm most impressed with your dedication to this product, it puts companies with vastly more resources to shame!
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