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Full Version: Problem updating MinimWatch to 2.1
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I'm on a Linux pc running Manjaro Gnome and MinimWatch monitors two instances of MinimServer on remote devices.

I had a minimwatch folder in my home folder, to which I had downloaded the MinimWatch-2.1-linux-intel.tar.gz but following instructions "Updating an existing MinimWatch installation" and using the /bin/update command I got a "file not found" message. Upon opening the minimwatch folder to investigate, I noticed that the bin folder was actually a symlink targetted to a minimwatch-2.0.7 folder which was also in the /home/minimwatch folder. So I opened the mw-2.0.7 folder, then the bin folder inside it, right-clicked the update binary and ran it as a program. That seemed to work as I was asked for the update archive, so I entered the 2.1...tar.gz path and again it seemed to work as the response was "Stopping Minimwatch ..." (can't remember exact words) followed by a return to the prompt. No message about updating MinimWatch though.

No sign of the MinimWatch icon in my notifications bar either, or in any of my app menus (I don't have a "Start" menu). Running /minimwatch/bin/startc produced another "File or folder not found" and I realised the entire minimwatch folder in my home folder has disappeared.

Investigating further, I find it's still there but changed to a hidden folder. The minimwatch-2.0.7 folder and the 2.1-tar.gz archive folders are still there.

What should I do now?
It sounds like there was some problem with your previous MinimWatch installation. I checked the 2.1 download and it has symlinks to minimwatch-2.1, not minimwatch-2.0.7.

I suggest you remove all traces of your previous MinimWatch installation and start again from scratch with the 2.1 download. Before doing this, check your minimserver.config file to see if you have any custom settings that need to be applied to the new installation.
Thanks for your help, Simon.

Just to be sure: do you really mean the *minimserver*.config file, or the minimwatch.config file, several of which (minimwatch.config, minimwatch.config.lock &, along with many hs_err_pidxxx.log files) are in the data folder in the .minimwatch folder. Is it actually one of those I should save? If not, where will I find the minimserver.config file? Will there not be one for each instance of MS running on the remote devices?

And to "remove all traces of your previous MinimWatch installation" from my pc is it a matter of deleting the entire .minimwatch folder, or are other actions required?
I meant the file named minimwatch.config in your .minimwatch/data directory. This file is unlikely to contain customised settings but I mentioned it just in case you have done this. MinimServer settings are held on the device running MinimServer and are not affected by any changes to MinimWatch.

The hs_err_pidxxx.log files indicate that MinimWatch has crashed for some reason. If any of these are recent, please post the most recent one here.

To completely remove MinimWatch, you should delete the .minimwatch hidden folder and all its contents.
All sorted. Once again, thank you so much.

Most of the crash logs are from earlier last year (2021). The most recent is from 16/11/21.

I'll attach it in case it's of interest.
Thanks for this file. There is not much information to go on. If it happens again, try installing a later version of Java.
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