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Full Version: Extend Java Heap size
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As I had an issue at my Pi, I found here the solution:
Thanks for posting this. There is also a MinimServer configuration file you can use to set the heap size (and other Java startup options) on the Raspberry Pi and other Linux systems.

1) Create a file named minimstart.conf in the minimserver/etc directory
2) Add this line to the file: javaopts = -Xmx1024m

This sets the Java maximum heap size to 1024 MB.

I have added some information about this to this section.
As I use very many tags and I have many files, I run again into:
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
I extended it in minimstart.conf to
javaopts = -Xmx2048m
Do you see there an issue, because there are now both values set?
Is there a need to remove it in the general settings?
The javaopts value in minimstart.conf should take priority. It would be safer to use only this setting.
This post contains some useful information about how you can monitor memory usage in MinimServer, as well as some basic advice on how various configuration options affect it.
Dear all, thanks for your help and the additional information.
I use a RPi (1) Model B with 512MB RAM in 24/7 mode.
Currently all is working proper so far.

My music has about 330k tracks, about 15% are not finally tagged yet.
I use the following:
Artist, Date, Decade,  Country, Composer,  #AudioData, #AudioFormat, #AudioQuality
I use several artist and country in every file.
If several artists are for one track or if names include a "the" (The Who and Who, the).
Serveral contry, if a band comes from LA, I use Los Angeles and California and US.
If I run out of space, I will think of a reducing...
I have several folders and the file size of the *.cache are now:
1 = 150 MB and 2 = 10 MB
I will let you know about my expierience.
Now I finished my tagging.
I could reduce to:
javaopts = -Xmx1024m

Everthing is working proper.
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