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Full Version: Translation of "Recently played / added"?
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Hi, I wish all of you a happy new year!
I really like the new features of MinimServer 2.1 "Recently played/added".
But I don't know how to translate it (f.ex. "zuletzt hinzugefügt"):
AlbumArtist:Album-Interpret, *RecentAdded:zuletzt hinzugefügt
in the "indexTags" section doesn't work for "RecentAdded" or "RecentPlayed".

Thanks for your help!
*RecentAdded and *RecentPlayed are translated automatically by MinimServer. If your language setting (see this section) is German, the translations are:

*RecentAdded -> Kürzlich hinzugefügt
*RecentPlayed -> Kürzlich gespielt

To change these translations, you need to use the approach described in this section.
It works. Thank you!
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