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Full Version: minimwatch installation (linux)
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After updating minimserver from 2.0 to 2.1 I also updated minimwatch. (It wasn't clear if the order mattered here.)

It seems like I have minimwatch installed "incorrectly", but I'm not sure what the intent is. I have it installed, owned by root, in /opt/minimwatch. When I ran the installation procedure it failed due to permissions. So I ran it as root and it succeeded. But then minimwatch wouldn't run due to permissions. I tried adding extra write permissions to a few places but I kept getting permission errors, so I gave up and made the entire /opt/minimwatch world writable. (I don't recall what I did the last time I installed minimwatch. The other fix would presumably be to make it owned by the user.)

How is this actually supposed to work?
I simply unpack the minimwatch tar file in my home directory and start it in a shell as normal user by invoking


(if I remember correctly)
You should follow these instructions
.... with particular reference to step 4.
(26-12-2021 19:56)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ].... with particular reference to step 4.

I wasn't clear before: I followed the listed installation instructions. Step 4 gave permission denied. Running step 4 as root worked. And then produced the problems enumerated above. It appears that the installer is not designed to handle my installation configuration, but I don't know what it expects, or how I might change things so that it (1) works now and (2) updates correctly next time. Note that item 6 on the install instructions said I might be asked for root authentication. This did not occur. I just got a hard failure.
The recommended installation procedure expects that you will install MinimServer or MinimWatch into a folder that has write permission from your login username. Because you have chosen to install MinimWatch under /opt, you will need to always run MinimWatch as the root user which is not good practice.

An alternative would be to create /opt/minimwatch and give it write access from your username. After this, you should be able to install MinimWatch using the recommended procedure and run it as a non-root user.
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