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Full Version: Minimserver empty
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I have Minimserver installed on a Synology D214. I had the bright idea to upgrade to DMS 7.

I uninstalled Java. I installed the correct version of MinimServer. The package is running and the webpage is reachable.

I have also opened the Synology's firewall ports.

However, as soon as I open the Naim App on my iPhone I see Minimserver but as soon as I enter it I find it empty, I only see [folder view].

Any ideas?

The first step is to check your contentDir setting to make sure it has the correct location for your music library.

If your contentDir setting is correct, this is a permission/privilege problem. DSM 7 has changed the privilege level for the MinimServer application. This means you need to give the Administrators group read access permission to your library files. You can do this using DSM File Station. After you have done this, do a rescan in MinimServer.
Fixed. Thanks a lot
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