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Full Version: MinimWatch pop-up remains after I tried to update to v2.1
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I am running MinimWatch on openSUSE Tumbleweed with MinimServer v 2.0.12 running on Qnap NAS.

I couldn't find any means of updating MinimServer on the NAS. I thought it was automatic but even a reboot failed to get me the latest version.

For MinimWatch I downloaded what I thought was the 2.1 version but the download which appears is 2.0.18.

What am I doing wrong please?
Updating MinimServer on QNAP from 2.0.12 to 2.1 is not automatic. You need to download the 2.1 package from the MinimServer Downloads page and do a manual install in QTS App Center.

The MinimWatch 2.1 download is working for me. This sounds like a problem with your web browser caching an old version of the Downloads page.
Hi Simon,
Many thanks and sorry I misread the instructions. MinimServer all good now thanks.
Not sure what is happening with MinimWatch. Don't think the problem is with my browser cache. Could it be the mirror?
Cache flushed correctly and now all OK thanks.
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