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Full Version: Minimserver 2.1 update popup
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Hi, this has popped up every day for the last few days and I went to the website and downloaded it, thought I installed it but the next day I start my PC I get the same update popup.

On my Synology NAS it says
MinimServer 2.1 is now available
For continued support and updates, please install this version
For more information, see this section
MinimServer 2.0.18 update 201

So how do I install it?
Are you running MinimServer on your PC or on a Synology NAS?
It's on the NAS.
You need to download the correct install package from the MinimServer Downloads page to your PC, then use Manual Install in the Synology Package Center to install it on your NAS. See this section for detailed instructions.
That's it! Thanks Simon.
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