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Full Version: Error *RecentAdded
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If *RecentAdded is added to indexTags, there is a NullPointerException after restart.

*RecentPlayed, however, works.
I am aware of a few bugs that can cause a NullPointerException. I am preparing and testing an update with fixes for all the bugs that I know about currently.

If you can post the full stack trace for the NullPointerException (available from the MinimServer log), I will check whether it is one of the bugs that is fixed in the update.
the logfile
Thanks for this log. This NullPointerException is a new problem I haven't seen before. I will do more investigation tomorrow.
Hi Simon, I had what could be a similar problem, which I reported here:

Thanks for this. This not the same problem. Your screenshot showed the NullPointerException occurred while processing an action request.
* RecentAdded works in one instance. This has the following entries in indexTags:
Artist, Date, Genre, All Artists, Composer, *RecentPlayed, *RecentAdded,

A non-functioning instance has these entries, for example:
Composersort:Komponist, group:Werk,Anzahl,INSTRUMENTE:Instrumente, Soloist:Solist N, Conductorsort:Dirigent, ensemble:Ensemble, Lyricistsort:TextAutor, -work_year:Entst_zeit, Soloists:Solist V,-createdate:ErstDatum, Genre, period:Periode, #AudioData:Music Info, releasetime:Aufn_Dat, publishert, *RecentPlayed
I have found the cause of this problem. It will be fixed in the next MinimServer update.
The fix for this problem is available now in MinimServer update 207.
(22-12-2021 21:05)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]The fix for this problem is available now in MinimServer update 207.

Thank you!
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