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Full Version: Synology DS: Package 'minimserver-2.1' conflicts with updates expiry date '20210503'
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I installed the MinimServer release 2.1-0600 on my Synology DS716+ running DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 2 today.

The installation worked ok but afterwards the MinimServer status page showed "Media server status for MinimServer[DS716]: Failed" and the error message "Package 'minimserver-2.1' conflicts with updates expiry date '20210503'". Restarting the DS did not fix the problem.

I understand that this has already been reported from other platforms - just wanted to share my configuration.

Any update about a fix for this bug would be much appreciated.
This is not a bug. This message means your updates license expired on 3rd May 2021. if you want to run MinimServer 2.1 with a full license enabled, you need to extend your updates license.
Thanks for your feedback! Maybe you could reword the message to say exactly what you wrote in your reply...
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