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Full Version: Minimserver not working
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Good Afternoon
I’m sorry to prove a nuisance again, but I have encountered a problem which is defeating me on all my minimserver installations. The message below is appearing on the status page of both the Synology 214+ and the 218+ below the line giving the time of the last page update.
A restart restores the green icon in the tray, but any attempt at selection of tracks to play brings the message up again.

Exception while processing action request: java.lang.NullPointerException

No changes have been made to the settings that were working yesterday. Both boxes are running Minimserver 2.1

Can you offer any suggestions?
Please post the full stack trace for this NullPointerException. This is written to the MinimServer log when the error occurs. This information is also written to a crash log file. The crash log file is in the MinimServer/appData folder and it has a name starting with minimserver-crash.
Good Morning Simon
Thank you for your response and my apologies for not replying more promptly. I hadn’t expected you to be working on a Friday evening.
Attached are the most recent crash files from the NAS boxes that you requested. The smaller one is from the DS214+, the larger from the DS218+.
I hope this will allow you to give me further guidance. If you need more information, please let me know.
Thanks for these logs. The 218+ log shows a problem but it appears this would have been triggered by an earlier problem. Is there another crash log file from the 218+ with a slightly earlier timestamp?

The crash log from the 214+ is very old. Could you post the minimserver.log files from both machines? This should provide more information about the sequence of events.
Thank you for your reply
I now have both boxes working OK again on Starter edition, so am attaching the Minimserver logs I saved before I deactivated the licences. Evidently my attempts at self-help are not making your job any easier. Apologies. I've also attached the two most recently dated crash logs. My apologies again for the less than careful selection I sent earlier.
Hi, I had what might be a similar problem on my Melco N1Z Mk1 a few minutes ago. It was shortly after adding *RecentAdded and *RecentPlayed (everything seemed fine with v2.1 until I tried *RecentAdded and *RecentPlayed). The MinimWatch icon turned red for the first time that I can recall. See also the attached screenshot. Thanks.
I must be doing something dumb. What???

I have a Melco N1/A.
Updated to Minimserver 2.1 works fine.
On my Mac I have minim watch 2.1

On the Properties, itemsTags, I type *RecentlyPlayed
then Apply &c
I then rescan and this appears at the bottom line:

restarting MinimServerMelco
Current time is Sun Dec 19 16:32:00 GMT 2021 in time zone Europe/London
MinimServer: invalid item tag name '*RecentlyPlayed'

As I've already manfestly proved, I'm no expert, but could it just be "RecentPlayed rather than "RecentlyPlayed" that you need to input? I hope its that simple.
… you can find the correct syntax here
Thanks you chaps - I hoped it was just my pedantry trying to save the use of the adverb

But this is what I get from my log now...

Current time is Sun Dec 19 17:16:16 GMT 2021 in time zone Europe/London
MinimServer: invalid item tag name '*RecentPlayed'

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