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Full Version: Minimserver/ streamer in arch linux
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Using arch linux (in an audiolinux installation), it is possible to activate Minimserver but on attempting to install Minimstreamer, an error message 'error creating new download file' is shown in Minimwatch.
Can you please comment on this.
This is a privilege/permission problem. The Linux user running MinimServer doesn't have write permission for the minimserver/libext directory. This is normally caused by not always using the same non-root Linux user when performing the various steps of MinimServer installation and setup (see point 4 in this section).
Thank you. After some subsequent advice from the developer of audiolinux to adjust permissions for installation of minimstreamer and then reset them, I was able to get this working.
In my use of audiolinux, the system is run from a USB thumb drive. The installation typically requires starting from scratch every few weeks when either a new version of audiolinux is issued or sometimes HQPlayer or the the thumb drive fails.
From this point of view, it would be useful if minimstreamer did not require resetting of permissions for it to be installed.
I would also like to clarify whether when the installation is renewed from scratch, it will be necessary to have deactivated the minimsever licence beforehand and if this should occur because of the failure of a thumbrive, how the deactivation of a licence would be achieved.
Please describe how you are installing MinimServer in AudioLinux. I checked the AudioLinux website for information about installing MinimServer but I didn't find anything.
The audiolinux system includes menus for installing a range of software including minimserver. One merely invokes the menu option to perform this function. The minimsever installation proceeds without problems. It was only on trying to install minimstreamer from the relevant screen in minimwatch that the difficulty arose. I'm afraid do not have information about the underlying nuts and bolts which are due to Piero, the developer.
Thanks for this. Do you know if there is a free version or trial version of AudioLinux that would enable me to try this without needing to make a purchase?
As far as I know, there is not a free version. When I first purchased, the price was very reasonable at the time of a special offer.
The developer is pretty responsive to queries. (
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